Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Going Commando...


Well as its the new year, I thought I should have a bash at further reducing my 28mm scale leadpile and not just concentrating on 15mm goodies so have had a bit of a rummage and painted up a somewhat random selection!

First up, here's a Bloodaxe Commando that has been languishing half finished on my shelves for a fair while. He's a rather characterful chap who turned out rather nicely once I put the effort in to actually get him sorted and makes a nice addition to my Orkish Askari warband too who could really do with a sneaky sort.

 Bloodaxe Commando

Speaking of which, here's the full warband thus far:

1st Mordor Rifles

I do like the fact that the different eras and manufacturers still look quite good together despite the disparate selection of Mantic Deadzone, classic Rogue Trader and 2nd edition 40k sculpts. I still have a half dozen or so to paint up including a warboss, more mega armour and some heavy weapons to give the unit some real punch on the battlefield. I even have a Ramshackle Games APC for them which I hope to put together and paint at some point this year!

Next up, here's a retired Stormtrooper who will be acting as a member of the new Governor Generals staff as a troubleshooter or bodyguard:

Stormtrooper Johnny Lightfoot

He's one of the wonderfully eclectic Four A Miniatures of Andy Coleman and took next to no time to paint up. The only element I don't like about him is his rather dainty feet but I suppose not every military type can be clodhoppers can they and it has provided him with a name.

Last up, here's a couple of old Void 1.1 Syntha marines. I'm not sure what faction to put them into yet or if they are a completely new one but do like the uncluttered simplicity of the sculpts but am not too sure about the wisdom of going into combat wearing a vest...

Syntha Marines

I may end up introducing a Syntha force to the sector as I have a fair number of other bits and bobs kicking around from the range and I do have a soft spot for Void too!

I must admit that I have surprised myself by managing to paint four figures in as many days and hope to add to the tally a little over the course of today as its my day off and far too unpleasant to venture outside as its either snowing, blowing a gale or raining or a combination of all three!

All the best!


  1. Cracking stuff SCS. Lovely colours and what a mix of minis to boot!! Ork has to be my fave but the paint-jobs on all are first rate :-)

  2. classy classics! love what you did with the stormtrooper's helmet but it's the greenskin in blue-tone urban camo that got me the most. fantastic colour selection - my favourite parts of the rainbow :)