Thursday, 29 January 2015

Eldar and Chaos Randomness!


Just a quick update this morning before I head out to work to post some quick pics of my painting progress over the last week or so!

First up, there's a classic Eldar Guardian:

 Eldar Guardian

He was a rather quick paint job with lots of red ink which has given him a nice, shiny bit of armour that looks suitably bright for a space Elf. I had originally attempted something a bit more interesting involving a looser technique but the results were so appalling that the figure went into the dettol bath again!

Still, I do have about 20-30 more of these chaps to paint, including Dreadnaughts so I may have to get on with it!

Next up, here's a Ral Partha chaos chappie:

 Chaos Marauder

I rather enjoyed painting up a Bob Olley chaos inspired figure as the skull mask and assorted small details really look good together. I tried to avoid lots of super bright armour and went for something a bit more worn and beaten up with lots of washes to give a bit of verdigris, rust and grime to the armour.

Next, another chaos chappy, this time an old Grenadier Evil Knight. 

Evil Knight

Again I went for a beaten up and grubby finish which looks ok, if a tad brown (I overdid it with the bronze I think) but he will do as a sellsword or minion in Aeroth!

Last, another Grenadier miniature in the form of a Half Orc:

Half Orc

I was originally going to give him a brown skin, like Orcs in Leviathan are supposed ot have but went for a pale green instead as I felt he needed something to contrast with the dark, rusty armour he wears. I will be incorporating him into my Lord of Havok's warband at some point!

Group Shot

I have also been working on my Dwarves for the Tale of Several Gamers blog and hope to post a bit of an update on there this weekend! I am also planning on placing a small order with Ral Partha Europe for some more Dwarves to round out my warband so watch this space...

All the best!

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  1. Those are some nice looking figures! I love those old grenadier sculpts and have a few dozen waiting to be painted myself.

    ...but I love those classic Eldar even more. I'd love to get my hands on some of those!