Friday, 4 April 2014

The Joys of Stripping (Paint That Is)


Well I've spent a rather satisfying evening stripping paint from the first two small tubs of Dettol soaking figures that I have had for an age. Its a rather smelly and sticky job but has proved to be worth it as the Dettol has done a wonderful job of clearing the paint off some great lead!

Amongst the mix there's 90s Catachan Imperial Guard, classic Rogue Trader Eldar, some ancient Citadel adventurers, Marauder Dwarves and even a Ral Partha figure too! Alas no photos this evening but I will try and take one tomorrow before I head out to work.

Its got me to thinking of all the projects I have started down the years and then given up on. Oddly the new approach I have taken of just picking whatever I fancy painting seems to be paying off as I have already painted more figures in the last six months than I did in the previous year. Yes they are a random selection of figures from a dozen ranges and an eclectic mix of fantasy and sci-fi but the fun has returned in painting again which is really important to me.

As much as I would love my hobby to be about collecting armies and playing games, I personally find it more of a way of relaxing and forgetting the stress and I feel that I am finally getting to the point that I am once again regaining my groove so to speak.

Speaking of projects, I have found myself having to brutally restrain myself from the temptation of buying more figures as I already have enough to do some of the following:

 Play a game of Epic, be it 2nd edition or Epic 40000!

 Play a game of 2nd edition 40k!

 More Excitingly, play a game of Rogue Trader!

 Play a small game of Warhammer in true Old School style! 

 Play a small game of Aeronef!

 Have a skirmish with Heavy Gear Blitz

Or play a host of other wonderful games that I have collected down the years!

The problem has always been that I have too many figures, most of which languish unpainted and the prospect of collecting and then painting lots of figures becomes terribly daunting before the dreaded Ooh Shiney Syndrome strikes and I go out and get a whole load more figures that are then consigned to the lead pile or Ebayed off.

With the removal of caring about getting a playable force put together and the enjoyment being in the painting and almost magically, small forces are indeed beginning to crop up, be it my Bloodaxes for 40k or my House Helios Elves for fantasy, or even my Davion Battletech stuff!

I suspect I need to have a bit of a catalogue of exactly what I have and as I have moved house in the last six months, and all my stuff is finally located in one room (having it in one house in the same country has previously been a rarity!) means that once I have stripped the two remaining big tubs of figures I should finally have a decent idea about what I have and what I want to do with it. Who knows, maybe I will even take a photo or two of it all and shove it on my blog!

The general idea going forward is to continue painting what I want and see what comes from it and I may even finally manage to get some games in as I go which would be an added bonus.

What I really do want to do though is to attempt the insurmountable and work my way through all my remaining miniatures before I allow myself the luxury of buying any more. Heaven knows, I have enough stuff to keep me entertained for a fair time to come!

All the best!

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