Thursday, 10 April 2014

Rogue Trader 1889


Apologies for the lack of updates of late but work has been pretty mental of late and I seem to get home and fall asleep which, unsurprisingly, has cut back on the hobby time!

Still, I have been thinking of using Rogue Trader as the basis of a bit of a steampunk spin off setting based in an alternative late 19th Century.

Imagine the Great Powers of Earth competing to grab land on Mars from the warlike locals, dinosaur hunting in the steaming jungles of Venus or exploring the frozen wastes of the outer worlds. Throw in a load of alien life forms and a little bit of humour and bobs your uncle!

French Hussars repainted as Evil Minions...

I already have a fair amount of Aeronef ships kicking around and may even have some redcoats in 15mm scale which will allow me to scratch build some suitably eccentric transports of delight for them to be menaced by.

Throw in some private armies, hordes of Barsoomian types, anarchist organisations, mad cults and it could just work...

I must admit that Steampunk and VSF has always been a bit of a passion of mine and I wouldn't mind getting a flotilla painted up to battle it out in the skies above while the British redcoat dishes out lead to johnny alien!

Looking at the Rogue Trader rulebook, it would be perfect with a very small amount of conversion work and it also clears another pile of stuff!

Has anyone else tried Rogue Trader with a different setting? I'd love to hear how it turned out. I do own GASLIGHT but haven't been taken with the rules and also own a fair few VSF sets which tend towards being a bit clunky while Rogue Trader always seemed more based on playing a fun game based around a scenario which is just the thing for skirmishes. The closest I have picked up is In Her Majesties Name which is great but has a more Necromunda type of vibe to it.

All the best!


  1. Necromunda/2nd ed are easily repurposed to other eras I have found. I have never tried Rogue Trader at all myself but I'm sure it would work as planned. I agree, Gaslight is too clunky; the rules are hard to read, let alone play! I use Sharpe Practice (Too Fat LArdies) rules for VSF myself.
    And the minis look like dragoons to me, though I could be wrong!

  2. Very good Idea. I am thinking it would work for 15mm SciFi as well. who makes the Hussars/Dragoons?