Friday, 25 April 2014

Pirate Crew Combat Droid WIP


Having seen Whiskey Priest's fantastic crew over on THE LEADPILE, I found myself rummaging around for some suitable bits and bobs to create my own scurvy crew of spacefarers and found this chap:

 Shiver Me Timbers!

Its originally a very cheap rubbery plastic figure I picked up from Asda several years ago with some sort of idea of painting him up but with many moves, he sort of languished in a box till today.

At first glance, he may not look too inspiring but I find myself reminded of one of the Simon R Green Deathstalker books where the main characters head to an abandoned Imperial holiday world where something went badly wrong with the simple AI's who were constructed to look like popular childrens characters.

This got me to thinking of theming my own crew a bit and including Mr Snuggles, a long forgotten robot from just such an abandoned theme park world that the Pirates have recruited to act as a mobile heavy weapon transport.
Mr Snuggles Loves More Dakka! 

Now Armed with a heavy bolter and only in need of a proper barrel, the rather simple AI controlling a hulking robotic body makes for a rather fun and somewhat different addition to a pirate crew!

He actually has a second pair of eyes under the bunny helmet which should give him a very different look once he has been repainted and I can imagine him stomping about blazing away with his large gun while offering hugs...

Hopefully once our guests have headed back down south, I will get him painted. Any suggestions for colours would be much appreciated!

All the best!


  1. That looks pretty cool. Looking forward to seeing it painted up.

  2. I've been painting some rubber toys lately too and It's great to just shift those toys from a universe to another isn't it?
    I'm eager to see what this one looks like with your added talent? Are you going for heavy weathering and battle damages?