Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Imperial Shuttle


Following on from my last post, I thought I would paint up a ship or two to represent the aerospace forces of Farpoint and have finished an Imperial Shuttle:

 The Ajax, Hammerhead class Stuttle

I must admit I am quite pleased with how it turned out having spent quite a while adding on chips, scratches and lots of weathering. I wanted it to look like a workhorse rather than it had just come out of the factory.

Handily it scales well for 6mm scale too and will probably see use in the odd game or two of epic! Originally a cheap diecast ship from Tron Legacy, the only conversion work I did on it was to add a couple of small turrets to the rear and underside. Now sporting a pair of twin heavy bolters on auto turrets, the ship is capable of fighting off pirates or even providing supporting fire for ground troops.

 Entry Hatch

Although it may not be the most maneuverable or heavily armed of ships, it was great fun to paint and will no doubt see action in scenarios requiring capturing enemy characters or transporting small, valuable cargos!


Finally, heres a quick shot of it next to a Silent Death fighter from EM4 Miniatures. Although nominally 6mm scale, the fighters themselves are far better suited to 3mm but will do in a pinch and it handily means I can continue working through my leadpile!

 Fighter Scale

I must admit I was rather struck by the similarity of the lander to the utterly fantastic but sadly unreleased Epic lander which looks like a flying coffin:

I also spotted this pic while Googling for Imperial Spaceships:

Devourer Imperial Guard Dropship

Its a rather funky design, if a little massive for the games I plan on playing but it would be interesting to see about creating one or two for a more fleet scale type of game with fighters and light warships trying to defend the landers as they head dirtside while the opposition sends swarms of fighters to destroy them.

All the best!

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  1. Great stuff. I have an original copy of codex Titanicus from 1988 and there are rules + pencil/ink sketches of that lander! Your awesome conversion looks very similar!!