Sunday, 16 October 2011

Oh No!


Well I was going through my 28mm scale bits and bobs in preparation for putting them on Ebay and I made the mistake of picking up one of the Harlequin Goblins I bought from Colours earlier this year.

He was such a fun looking miniature sculpted by Kev Adams that I suddenly felt the urge to paint him between sculpting work and lo and behold I found that painting him was both fun and rewarding! I will post a picture of the little chap in the morning once I get chance and he may well be joined by a few more bits and bobs soon after!

I still plan on selling off the vast majority of my large scale miniatures, including all my large scale Leviathan stuff I painted a while back as I just don't have the space to game with or even store them any more. The vast majority of my gaming is going to be aimed at 15mm scale skirmishes but I do think I will continue collecting and painting the occasional old school miniatures I find cheaply!

I doubt I will do much gaming with them as I will simply be painting them up for the sheer pleasure of it! They will all be themed around Leviathan and the races of Aeroth so its all going to be suitable for my never ending interest in the game world!

All the best!

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