Sunday, 2 October 2011

Monstrous Denizens


Just a quick update with some new beast for my forces to do battle with!

Firstly theres a wild Earth Elemental:

Wild Earth Elemental

Secondly theres a giant rat!

A Lone Orc Faces the Giant Rat!

Background wise, Aeroth is a shattered realm where wild magic has run amok which sometimes results in Eathpower forming untamed elementals, such as the earth elemental here which often occupy mountains and cause trouble for the nearby inhabitants.

Another side effect of wild magic has been the mutation of previously existing creatures, such as the rat. Huge packs of them have been found in some of the Dwarf Holds, devouring stores at a voracious rate and now spreading throughout the labyrinthine passageways. These swarms, often many hundred strong have been reported devouring entire Dwarven families.

I hope to get hold of some more rats soon so I can unleash a horde of the foul creatures as part of a Boar Company dungeon delve as they are recruited to destroy these foul vermin!

All the best!

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