Thursday, 20 October 2011

Goblin Re-enforcements and Villains!


I have found a bit of a gem of a gaming store in TN Books and Wargames in Gosport. Alas they don't have a website but they are well worth a visit as they have loads of boxes of bits to rummage through containing some brilliant old school miniatures!

For example I managed to swag myself a couple of new Goblins for my warband. I got two of the old Regiments of Renown plastic Goblin archers, one of which is getting used as is while the other is providing conversion fodder for another nice little find, a Gnobler body. Wielding a metal bound club hes going to make a brilliant addition to my warband once he has a head!

I also have a wolf rider which will be getting a mount at some point but the real find was several pieces of larger models which, when combined will form some much needed muscle for my Goblins. I will be posting some pictures once I get the conversions done!

I also found some old Chronopia Devout miniatures which will be forming the core of an evil force. When I add the mid 90s Chaos sorcerer and some mutated hounds, I think I will have a decent little force!

As ever I will post pictures when I get chance!

All the best!

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