Sunday, 28 June 2020

Inquisitor and 40k Skirmishing


Well I've got a day off already and decided that it might be a plan to use such opportunities to put together a post!

I'm currently re-reading the Eisenhorn trilogy by Dan Abnett and it's got me to thinking about putting together a Rogue Trader type of narrative skirmish using some of the Imperiums enigmatic Inquisitorial agents as the basis.

I remember picking up the Inquisitor rulebook when it first came out and quite liking some of the concepts but finding it neither fish nor fowl as it had elements of rpg and wargame but was a bit too granular for my liking. In the following years, the appearance of In the Emperor's Name and Inquisimunda have both provided a more user friendly skirmish sort of a game which may make for quite a good way to play some games.

There's also the classic Rogue Trader rules which were such a sandbox sort of a set that you could use them for almost anything, even if it was a bit clunky at times, especially when vehicles or robots were involved.

It may also be a good way for me to make use of the assorted 28mm stuff I've got lying around unpainted and unloved.

I must admit that I've not been a fan of the super Grimdark of 40k but I seem to have found an appreciation of the gothic horror of humanity versus a dark and dangerous universe and reading Eisenhorn, I'm struck by the possibilities of playing around with my own version of the Imperium and seeing what I can come up with.

By incorporating bits and bobs from several settings and adding a liberal dose of classical mythology and renaissance elements to move things on from the techno dark ages into something a bit more interesting I'll be seeing what I can bodge together.

What about a crime lord with a bunch of Orky enforcers or incursions of the followers of the Titans wanting to wreak havoc on the Imperium? Maybe a rogue planetary governor making shady deals with rebellious factions or Adeptus Titanicus adepts experimenting with forbidden technology...

The options are endless and I'm keen to get myself moving again with my version of The Imperium with Governor General van Dorn and his agents conducting a secret war in the Farpoint sector with spies, treachery and monsters aplenty!

I think I'll need to have a rummage through my leadpile and see what I can put together both in 15mm scale and possibly 28mm as it would be interesting to have larger skirmishes with 20-30 a side plus vehicles in the smaller scale whilst small, 4-8 model operations in 28mm.

It may come to nothing but I'll see what I can put together and if nothing else, I will try and post more on my Imperium, its movers and shakers as well as the competing forces arrayed against it.

In the meantime, All the best!


  1. Not really a fan of the Grimdark myself, I like the mix of a gritty setting with some humour from the early days better. Your idea sounds like music in my ears though, you don't take the whole 40k lore too serious.

    1. Worry not!

      A wee bit of Grimdark may appear but I prefer a more 2000ad style of setting so some lighter elements and humour will appear too!