Sunday, 29 July 2018

Painters Progress


Well I've had a busy couple of weeks at work, what with getting to be the Gruffalo, Elmer the Elephant and running a slime making workshop but I have managed to keep up the painting progress and finish off some bits and bobs I've had sat half painted or primed for some time!

First up, there's a large carnivorous dinosaur to menace the inhabitants of Farpoints Slime Forests:

 Be vewwy, vewwy qwiet. I'm hunting Cawnosawr!

The model is one of the smaller prepainted hard plastic figures from Schleich and is surprisingly well detailed. I gave him a fresh coat of paint and stuck him on a base and now have something big and nasty to chomp on unsuspecting humans!

Carnosaur Rex

Next up, I've got some new additions to my Badmoon Ork warband in the form of some Gobbo's and a completed second squad of heavy Boyz:

The force thus far

I'm really pleased with the way my Ork force is forming up and 15mm scale suits a decent sized warband for very little money!

 Ork Squad 1

Ork Squad 2

The Orks are a mixture of Alternative Armies (sculpted by me many years ago) and CP models (also sculpted by me!) as well as one or two original sculpts. All the figures are converted to some extent.

Lowly Grots

The Gobbo's are from Ral Partha Europe's Demonworld range and while fantasy miniatures, make fine proxies for sci-fi shenanigans. I have another half dozen to paint of the little chaps and do find them to be very characterful sculpts.

The prodder guys on the left are begging to have some squigs to poke at and I am also thinking of converting a couple to be carrying a demo charge on a stick. Just the thing to add an unexpected bit of mayhem in a game!

Next up, I've got my Battleaxe Brigade mercenaries built up to almost a full squad!

Battleaxe Brigade 

The figures are DP9 from their Heavy Gear range that I picked up six or seven years ago from Wayland Games when they had a sale on. The figures while nice and posable are an utter nightmare to prep. Each figure comes in 8 pieces and the sculpts required a stupid amount of filing and scraping to clear mould lines. Saying that, when painted, they look ace as heavy power armour.

I bulked them up a bit to make it believable that a human could pilot them and converted one to be bareheaded using a Peter Pig cowboy head and painted the first three before we moved last year. The fourth member, got half finished and then stored till I rummaged him out and finished him off this week.

The drones are scratch built from a button, some plasticard, beads and a little bit of Greenstuff and give my heavy power armour a spotter on the left and a gun drone on the right.

Battleaxe Brigade in combat with Imperial retinue forces

I also managed to play another game of my hybrid Song of Blades, renamed Song of Blasters the other day which saw my Imperials battered by the Badmoons. Alas I didn't get any pictures as it was more of a playtest of the rules to see how they worked but the Retinue appeared piecemeal and were shot to pieces by the Orks until the Governor General was left trapped in a small settlement with nothing but his defence droid and handgun.

Amazingly, he proceeded to gun down an entire squad of Ork boyz who tried to capture him, much to my amazement and made his way to safety before the second squad got close enough. He even survived a missile bombardment from the Badmoon's blasta trakk!

Hopefully I'll get some more gubbins painted up in the coming week and possibly even get a game or two in, hopefully with pics!

In the meantime, All the best!


  1. Everything is so cool! I cannot manage to do anything decent at these scales, but your work is really superb!

    1. Shucks!

      I must admit that after all the different scales I have worked on in assorted projects and periods down the years, 15mm is the most satisfying to work with and I can churn out a couple of painted models of an evening, not something that I can do in 28mm!

      All the best!