Sunday, 5 November 2017

To 28 Or Not To 28


Well I've spent another action packed few days at work and am finally presented with a much needed day off which has given me the opportunity to start thinking about the mini warband project that I have been pondering for some time.

I've settled on a fantasy army, if for no other reason I've been sorely tempted for quite some time and would like to put together some sort of skirmish warband initially before fleshing it out into a larger force if the project goes well.

With this in mind, I have been trying to settle on a ruleset that will give me a decent flexibility and have narrowed it down somewhat.

At present, I am actually thinking of going for either Age of Sigmar or Dragon Rampant as both are simple, straight forward games that scale easily and actually look like quite good fun to play. As tempted as I am to go for a full on Fantasy Battle army, I suspect that the sheer quantity of figures that I'd need to paint would kill whatever enthusiasm I had for the project.

Another option I am pondering is to use Age of Sigmar Skirmish or Mordheim as a starting place and seeing how things go. That way I would be able to start with a handful of figures and build up to something a bit larger...

With that in mind, I need to settle on what army to get things going with and at present it's a toss up between Goblins and Dwarves as both appeal to me visually. Following some advice from the previous post, I may attempt to work through two rival warbands and chronicle their rivalries over some long forgotten patch of land.

Hopefully I'll get settled on what approach I want to go for and see if I can paint up a small squad to get the ball rolling!

All the best!


  1. I'd suggest you try playing dragon rampant before committing to it. I found that the 'fail to activate and your turn ends' mechanic of lion rampant infuriating (and I like games with activation rolls/friction).

  2. Hey,

    I think I have similar dilemma: would like to get back to larger scale gaming but life doesn't seem to let me do anything larger that skirmishes.

    So as for me - I decided to assemble small fantasy bands: undead, beastmen, some chaos. I can use them it different games and one day I can maybe build one force using those (Warhammer 3rd ed for example).

  3. Having played both it is just a coin toss as to which is the best. If you want complete free range as to what you want to pick up and paint I would go with Dragon Rampant. I have used it to have a blood bowl team have a punch up with the rival team fans as well as use the 'Silver tower' miniatures in a battle. It is a really versatile rule set and personally I like the 'fog of war' mechanic where your not sure units will activate (on occasion!).

    AoS skirmish does offer variety but just not to the same extent.

  4. Thanks for the comments and suggestions folks!

    I think that creating some small 10-15 figure skirmish warbands should keep me entertained for some time!

  5. New Kings of War Vanguard (Skirmish game, small amount of figures) Alpha Rules have just been released and are free. Had a quick look and it seems rather interesting, but I'm a long time Mordheim fan so they'll be hard to beat.

  6. Dragon Rampant is fun, I've been using it as a the framework to get my eclectic collection of Chaos figures painted and to the table. It's easy to play straight away, and versatile for all figure collections. Longterm it will get a bit dull as there's not enough rules crunch to get lost in.