Friday, 24 November 2017

Painters Progress


As promised, here's some pics of the gubbins I've been painting over the last few days!

First up, there's Black Annis, the wizened hag who inhabits the Bog of Eternal Stench:

 Black Annis

Black Annis lives on an island at the centre of the Bog of Eternal Stench and holds a terrifying reputation due to her tendency to steal and eat children. This reputation is entirely undeserved as she is actually a rather peaceable sort who just wants to be left alone but her frightful visage has resulted in many fearing to to venture into the Bog for fear of meeting Annis.

Annis' solitary life has resulted in her tinkering with some of the Bogs inhabitants, especially the small frogs who can be found in many of the pools the dot the marshy land. With the aid of a bit of hedge magic and liberal potion use, Annis has given some a rudimentary intelligence and ability to talk. With the family she's created, not much happens around the Bog without Annis knowing about it. 

Black Annis has been in my collection for many years and dates back to my subscription to Harbinger magazine before it went bust (annoyingly just after I paid another year's subscription!) and is an absolutely brilliant miniature. She took ages to paint due to all the little details like feathers and chickens feet in her hair and the little frog clutched in her hand and she oozes character.

Sadly she's not in production so I'm not sure if folks can still get hold of her anymore.

Next up, there's Markus, another Outlander addition to my painted Labyrinth project:


Markus is a follower of Marik the Outlander and has roamed the Labyrinth  for over a century since his younger sister, Rosamund went missing and was presumed to have been stolen away by the Goblins. Since entering the Labyrinth, Markus has sought for any sign of Rosamund without success and will ask any he meets if they have seen her. Sadly no matter the answer, he will attack with his greatsword. Beneath his armour, Markus is no more than a wizened mummy but thanks the the magic of the Labyrinth, his spirit cannot find peace until Rosamund's fate is discovered.

Lastly, here's a better pic of The Smile Stealer:

The Smile Stealer

I'm really fond of this guy as I have had him in my collection for almost twenty years and he's one of the few figures of my old miniature collection that I never got rid of!

I am also currently painting another figure that I've had for over two decades but never actually painted and will post an update when I finish him off. This may take me some time as he's pretty big and needs a lot of weathering to finish him off but I'm really enjoying the process and the effort is well worth the finish!

After painting all these big figures, I am going to take a bit of a break to paint some smaller scale gubbins, both 15mm and 6mm scale!

In the meantime, All the best!

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