Friday, 15 September 2017

Farpoint Ponderings


Well my holidays are almost over and I've not been idle! There's currently a ton of stuff awaiting pics for my Endless: Fantasy Tactics project (handily I've lost the charger for the camera so I can't take any more pics till I find the blasted thing!)

I've also been sorting through my 15mm scale gubbins for Farpoint which is proving to be rather a lot of fun as I keep finding more stuff that I want to paint up or convert into use with my assorted warbands.

The first thing I need to do though is to finish off my Governor General's security force. Looking at what I have lying around, I have enough figures to put together a second squad of infantry and I have a second Sentinel ready for painting.

Imperial Guard on Maneuver

Once they are out the way, I will need to see about adding some vehicles and enough figures to round out the platoon but that's for another day when I have some spare hobby money. At present, I've got lots of bits and bobs in need of painting which will be taking precedence over spending more pennies and should give me lots of small units to add variety to Farpoint.

I have also looked out all my Ghoulani Enslaver miniatures and actually have enough for a decent sized skirmish force. Again they are missing vehicles to add heft to the force but once again, I'll be exploring my bits box to see what else I have that can be drafted into the ever expanding force.  

 Ghoulani Enslaver Raiding Party

In a bit of a tangent, the Ghoulani force has actually given me a bit of an idea for a bit of a scenario driven mini campaign set in the American Midwest...

Why is it that as soon as I get unpacked, I find myself inundated with ideas that may or may not actually turn out? Speaking of which, I also located my old Stainless Steel Rat project sketchbook which has literally tons of interesting stuff that may well be getting integrated into Farpoint over the coming months!

Anyhoo, enough of my ramblings and all the best!


  1. The sentinel looks pretty flash. Scratchbuilt?

    1. It is indeed!

      The main body is sculpey and the rest is plasticard!

      The second one I've got finished that's awaiting paint has a one shot hunter killer missile upgrade and I'll get pics taken of it once I get chance!

  2. A very nice looking Imperial Guard force!

  3. Indeed, your shrunken space people always look splendid. You have some mad skills. :)