Friday, 1 September 2017

Endless: Fantasy Tactics Challenge


Well it looks like the trend of small to mid sized gaming companies closing down continues as On The Lamb Games, producers of Endless: Fantasy Tactics have announced they are going to cease trading at the end of this year too.

I have a bit of a soft spot for the game as it was the first that I backed as part of a successful Kickstarter, back before larger companies started using the platform and it's a really rather good looking game, very much inspired by the 90's isometric 3d RPG's that were so beloved of SNES gamers back in the day.

Sample Game (image taken from On The Lambs website!) 

I love the idea of it but found the miniatures not quite to my likings and other than buying the supplement, The Miasma War, haven't actually played it.

Following on from my ponderings on games that go out of production, I think I want to try and explore some of the old games in my collection (I've got over a hundred to choose from) and try to give them a bash.

Sample Game 2 (image taken from On The Lamb's Website)

I'm thinking of actually making a start with Endless as it only needs a small board which I'm sure I can bodge together and a handful of miniatures which I plan on sculpting for a bit of a self challenge!

It's the first of September and I am giving myself a month to build the board which will be about 24''x24'' and put together a couple of adventuring types as well as some gribbly villains to fight them.

Whilst not really helping On The Lamb in the sales department (apologies guys but my budget is so non existent at the moment), I do want to work my way through several different games in my collection, put together warbands and actually play games!

I plan on posting one update a week to show progress and hope to have the project ready by the 1st of October. In order to keep things in some sort of order, I'll be posting progress on SOMEWHERE ON THE BORDER, my fantasy blog.

Going forward, I hope to run my next project using 15mm sci-fi and will probably give Vor: The Maelstrom a bash as I really want to try my hand at making Growlers in 15mm but that's for another day!

All the best!


  1. Playing games is always a worthwhile challenge. And one that I'm not very good at. Much easier to paint miniatures or hack up pieces of blue foam. Having just done a quick count of boxes it appears that I've probably played more than half of the games I own. Probably?
    It's unfortunate that this is such a difficult question. Good luck. It's a noble effort.

    1. So true!! I paint so many hundreds of models for games I never actually play

  2. I've got a couple of games that I never got on with: one called Highway 666, which has beautiful resin cars and rules I didn't warm to, and Sedition Wars, which is amazing except for its rules being totally baffling. Endless looks really cool though.

    Good luck with the sculpting. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. I didn't know you had another blog, by the way - I'm now following it too!

  3. Thanks for the comments folks!

    I'm a bit of a rules addict I have to admit and looking at what I've actually played in the last few years, I've only used a handful of them but as most are PDF's, it's not taking up too much space.

    Still I'm looking forward to a bit of a change by trialling several over the next few months!

    All the best!