Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Aeronef Anyone?


Well the unpacking is going well and thus far, my miniatures collection seems to have survived the move pretty much intact!

As part of my ongoing obsession with lesser used wargames, I've been perusing Aeronef. Produced by Wessex Games, Aeronef is a game of aerial combat between Victorian era flying battleships and a large selection of ships have been produced by Brigade Models.


Many, many moons ago, I picked up a starter pack and painted up the British fleet to a rather guff quality and then promptly threw them into a box in frustration. Skip forward several years, I stripped the paint off the figures and fully intended to paint them to a more acceptable standard but sadly never got past the one ship, a really tiny Abingdon class British gunboat:

Abingdon Gunboat on patrol

In my new urge to try out some of the many rulebooks that I have kicking around, I've been pondering trying out the game as the mechanics look pretty straightforward and could be rather fun. The only problem is that I have no budget for new figures but have been bitten by the sculpting bug (my Endless: Fantasy Tactics project has proved to be rather enjoyable thus far but more on that later!)

With that in mind, I am thinking about trying to sculpt up a couple of small flotillas to mix it up over Imperial holdings on Mars...

We shall have to see what I can put together but I've got some ideas that need to be tried out!

I'll be posting an update on my Endless: Fantasy Tactics project over on my Somewhere On The Border blog tomorrow so do check back!

All the best!

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