Thursday, 18 June 2015

Warzone With A Difference...


Just a quick post before I head out to work!

Here's another SD miniature I've put together in the form of a mighty grumpy Nepharite of Algeroth from Warzone:

Moloch The Disgruntled

Standing about 30mm to eye level, I am quite pleased with how he turned out but if I was to do him again, I suspect I would rework the bottom jaw considerably as it doesn't quite fit right. Still he does look the part for a leader of a Dark Legion force I am working on at present!

 Moloch the Disgruntled from the rear

We are off on holiday up north for a week as of the weekend so I won't be updating the blog till I get back but hopefully I will have lots of energy for sculpting and painting from all that fresh air (as long as I'm not faint from bloodloss caused by midges!)

All the best!

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