Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Age Of Sigmar


Well I'm back from work and have just had a bit of a peruse of some of the Age of Sigmar rumours that are floating around and must say that there's some really fascinating stuff floating around the interwebs at the mo.

Now it has to be said that before the game actually gets released, one has to take all the rumours with a massive pinch of salt but I do find it all rather tempting and GW seem to have finally decided to really shake up their fantasy setting.

I suspect a lot of older gamers are going to be horrified with the changes wrought upon their beloved system but personally, I think its just what's needed, especially moving away from a Tolkienesque world into something dramatically different. It may be all a con intended to flog lots of new miniatures but I am officially tempted to get back into Warhammer for the first time in forever too which is saying something.

I will be watching developments with interest!

For those interested, take a peek at THIS ARTICLE  for a rather interesting bit of rumourmongering...


  1. I'll take all that with a pinch of salt, but I agree it does all seem interesting. I havn't played any current WhFB for a few years now but this may get me into a GW store to at least look at the new game/9th :)

  2. I couldn't care less about the rules changes, I'm worried about the changes in the backgrounds and armies.

    I realise a game needs to evolve to be able to survive, but it was the world and setting that draw me into it to begin with. That strange mix of Tolkien, Moorcock, Zelazny and Monty Python. Now flushed down the toilet by desperate shareholders. I have been playing dwarfs since 2nd edition but the latest army book was the first one I didn't buy.

    I guess I will check it out, but I don't think I will like it, judging by the things I have heard so far.