Saturday, 19 July 2014

The Deadly Multiplying Project!


Well its been an interesting week here with all kinds of shenanigans going on with work which, while in the short term are going to be something of a pain, over the longer term, should bear fruit!

But enough of my wailing and gnashing of teeth! Onto the reason for my post! I have come to a bit of a stalling point with my hobby and am working my way through a few options to see if I can't reboot it with a fresh influx of ideas.

The problem I find myself with is that the old school figures I am painting at present just don't seem to be keeping my attention for very long and I am finding myself distressingly uninspired by them.

I find thee boring to paint...

What my project needs is a shot in the arm to revitalise them and it has got me to thinking about my re-imagined Imperium. Whats the point of me spending ages coming up with fresh background for a new Imperium, full of interest, intrigue and a higher level of tech, if I am going to just stick with the same old figures?

I think I want to try to use the old school vibe with my games, being scenario driven and with a definite narrative to them but the figures I am using are just a bit too dull to keep my flagging interest. I think this is why I have now created four or five small warbands but can't seem to finish any of them off!

Can I try a more modern design aesthetic such as Dark Age, Infinity or any one of several other ranges whilst influenced by a more entertaining, retro type of ruleset? It makes for a bit of an interesting concept and could well prove to be of use to other folks wanting to dip their toe in the Oldhammer type of game without having to trawl ebay or wargames shows for the pre-requisite figures of a certain 1980's charm.

Therefore I have decided to split my current endeavours in two. The first will be to work up a few small and highly individualistic warbands in 28/30mm to represent forces from my re-imagined Imperium (who knows, I may even discard it entirely for something different!) The second will be to bring my Battletech project back from the stalled pile of meh that it is currently. I plan on doing this in 15/18mm scale and using whatever mechs, vehicles and infantry I fancy but bringing in the cyberpunk/barbarian version of the future that Battletech encompassed.

With both projects, I really want to challenge myself to develop my painting and conversion skills including trying out some NMM, weathering and individualizing each and everything I paint with the intention of really trying to get the most out of my hobby again.


A good example of this has been my Mechs for my Battletech project. At present, they are acceptable if a tad uninspiring. Now what if they were more like the machines detailed in the background, wartorn, chipped, dirty and highly prized relics I want to festoon them with kill signs, insignia, personal touches, comms arrays, stowed gear and lots more! Will it drive me mad? Quite possibly. But I do believe it will be worth it to create something a little bit special!

Hopefully I will have an update or two in the coming week with some actual newly painted figures but in the meantime; All the best!

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