Saturday, 5 July 2014

Further Non-Oldschool Musings


Well its been an interesting week here but more on that later!

I am still finding myself drawn to trying out a new game but the plot thickens as I just can't decide on which one to go for. As previously mentioned, I've been perusing Infinity and Dark Age, two of the newer generation sci-fi skirmish games on the market. Both have really different aesthetics and gameplay but infuriatingly, I just can't seem to choose between them.

To make matters worse, I met up with an old friend the other day who plays Warmachine and extolled its virtues to me as well which got me itching to try it out! To be honest, how any game plays is going to be of secondary importance to me as I am primarily a painter and if I can get a game or two in as well, thats an added bonus but it's of less importance than enjoying painting something.

I suspect the solution is to pick up one or two figures for each system and see how I get on with painting them and can always drop them into my Farpoint project if I find myself not wanting to get more.

Another possible fix would be for me to just incorporate them into my Rogue Trader project, providing a pleasingly hitech, post apocalyptic or even steampunk additions to my existing forces. This would allow me to use rules I know well and enjoy as well as keeping up the momentum with my existing hope of painting my way through my lead pile!

We shall have to see how things go but I just can't justify spending the pennies on figures this month so will be waiting till next month to decide but in the meantime, I will be taking a bit of time to read the rules, backgrounds and gawk at the pics of painted figures!

All the best!

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