Sunday, 28 August 2011


Well i have begun shifting stuff out of my flat and into our new workshop! I must admit that I am very keen to get the process finished so I will be able to get on with sculpting and casting stuff again!

We are hoping to be finished by mid September which will allow me to get down to work soon after! Also my business course has financed me getting my own casting machine so I am looking forward to getting it so I can experiment with casting myown miniatures using it along with more traditional resin casting.

This means I wont be posting here too often for a while as I get my self sorted. I will be posting sneak peeks of the concept art, sculpts and eventually the miniatures themselves. Where you may ask? Well I will be using my Space Cow Smith blog to cover it all as I am hoping to produce a load of random bits and bobs for a wide range of genres.

Worry not! I will continue updating this blog with an assortment of bits and bobs including my old school sculpt project which shall be unveiled at some point next month!

Once we have the workshop set up I will get some photos uploaded. Until then all the best!


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