Monday, 8 April 2019

Tiny Steam Tanks


I've finally managed to get a trio of Steam Tanks painted up for my Land Ironclads project!

Constructed from some plasticard, paper and cotton wool smoke, I really enjoyed putting the little tanks together and I'm really pleased to have finished painting them too!

 Dwarven Ironclads on the move

These are class 5 and the smallest of the Dwarven Land Ironclads and I painted them up in blue and gray to represent an armoured force from the great Dwarven Hold of Kareth Dull which is situated next to the Axebite Pass.

Slow moving but heavily armoured, the Ironclad class steamtank is armed with a pair of heavy cannon mounted in a turret. The Ironclad relies on a combination of heavy plate to keep it in the fight long enough for it's powerful armament to destroy enemy Land Ironclads and Warbeasts at range as it doesn't have any close defence weapons.

With the three of the tanks finished, I can move onto painting the larger Warhammer class Land Ironclad that I've also sculpted before moving onto putting together a Dwarven Infantry Battalion as well as finally painting my Orcs Mighty Titanosaur and a third Orcish Yellowjacket unit.

Dwarven armour clashes with an Orcish formation somewhere on the border.

I must say that working in such a small scale has been really refreshing as I keep finding myself thinking of new units to add to my slowly growing forces and have had quite a few other forces that I would like to start putting together too. Handily it's also super cheap as each tank or warbeast only uses a small amount of plasticard or greenstuff so I hope to make a fledgeling Elven force next which will combine tech and Warbeasts so watch this space!

All the best!


  1. Lovely fellas!

    Great idea with tracks marks on the bases!

  2. Makes my eyes go funny just looking at them let alone painting them. Top job man!

  3. These are amazing! The track marks and smoke plumes make them look that much better and more realistic.
    I wouldn't mind seeing a schematic on how you put those together.

  4. very cool, they look fantastic!

  5. Thanks for the comments folks!

    I plan on putting together a post showing how I build steamtanks in the next couple of weeks!

    All the best!