Sunday, 5 August 2018

Where Games Go To Die


I've been perusing my old rulebook collection and have been pondering why so many great games that have come out over the years have little or no interest on the interwebs.

Yes, they are out of production and often the miniatures are difficult to get hold of but many are available to download for free or at least available on the likes of ebay for less than the cost of a magazine.

A Few of the Many

Over the years I've collected literally dozens of rulesets, usually they promptly go out of production but I have built up quite a decent reference library and they still make for fascinating reading, if for no other reason than the creators of the game poured considerable amounts of creativity into them. Many of them have great settings, unusual forces and ingenious rules but have been discarded purely as they are out of production.

Void 1.1 Viridians versus Junkers

With my re-engagement with 15mm sci-fi I thought I could redress the balance a bit and use the opportunity to both channel some of the creativity I have been experiencing with painting with trying out some of the games themselves.

These days my interests lie mostly in smaller skirmishes with a few squads supported by a character or two and the odd vehicle. To put together a force of this size and paint it in 28mm is quite a project but in 15mm, it's far more doable.

Warzone Capitol light infantry conversions

With this in mind, I am thinking of trying out some of the rulesets that I loved back in the day and putting together some small forces for each I try. In some cases this will mean using existing ranges and proxying stuff and in others, sculpting my own stuff but I must admit I am relishing the opportunity.

Once I have enough for two small forces put together, I plan on posting a review of the rulest I plan on using and playing a few small battle reports featuring the forces. If nothing else, this will give me the excuse to paint some unusual warbands to add to Farpoint's diverse setting and will also give me the chance to actually play a game or two.

If it inspires folks to try out one or more of these old but great games, all the better!

Looking through my collection, I actually have enough stuff to get started on converting a small force and will post some updates as I get them so watch this space!

Hopefully I will be able to post an article or two a week on progress, be it thoughts on the setting and rules or conversion and painting work as the project goes forward and it will give me a little bit of direction when it comes to my hobby too. I also figure that the need to only paint 10-20 figures for the most part will make things a bit more interesting and not result in me getting bogged down.

I also plan on writing up more background to Farpoint as it develops and new forces, factions, movers and shakers appear.

All the best!


  1. Old Necromunda has been a standard game for me for some years and it holds up very well. It's surprising how willing people are to try new rules. I'd certainly be interested in some of these, especially if they could be played solo.

    Incidentally, regarding the painting above, I do find it odd how armies in the far future seem to wait until they're within about 10 feet of each other before opening fire. Also, very small hills seem to have great tactical significance in box art!

    1. Classic Necromunda has stood the test of time amazingly well!

      I'll be trying out all the rules as a solo gamer so fingers crossed there will be some interesting stuff!

      Ah the joys of sci-fi wargaming art! Why shoot each other from cover when you can stand within spitting distance and blast away at each other!

    2. This has inspired me to work out some solo rules for Necromunda. Watch this space (well the space on my blog actually)!

      I wonder if both armies stand back to back, take ten paces and fire? That would answer a lot, like skulls growing in the ground like the 40k equivalent of turnips.

    3. Can't wait to see what you come up with! Your Escher gang was very cool!

      I'm not sure how inhabitants of the 41st millenium cope with all skulls all the time!

  2. Sitting here at my desk/painting table, and looking at the 30 to 40 rule books and other references in front of me. Richard this is a most worthy project that I wish you the upmost success with, and look forward to seeing what you come up with!

    1. Many thanks!

      I will be trying out as many as I can over the next few months!

    2. Doing much the same thing with the old STARGUARD rule set

  3. Prince August still sell what is left of the original Warzone range. I picked up a boxed set plus loads of figures a while back.

    1. I know! I have a real soft spot for the classic Warzone sculpts, despite their somewhat chunky and oddly proportioned nature.

      I've been tempted to pick up some for quite a while but have always held off after I purchased some of their Chronopia stock only to be charged mega postage and then find out that it was all covered in lead rot.

      I believe this was an issue with just their Chronopia stuff but I've shied away from them since.

      All the best!

  4. Fistful of Lead: Galactic Heroes may just fit the scale of game you're looking for. They'll be out end of September.

  5. Wonderful idea to do Warzone in 15mm. Your conversions look ace!