Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Assorted Lowlifes


Well I have found myself with a couple of unexpected days off so have painted up some more gubbins that I've had sat primed for a while now in the form of a bunch of assorted guns for hire in 15mm scale:

 Thuggish Gunmen

They come from a variety of sources with converted WW2 US infantry, a rim mercenary from 15mm.co.uk and a Ghoulani too. I've been playing around with some camo patterns as I always find that my attempts to do something vaguely realistic ends up looking naff but quite like how the two turned out.


The gang thus far is looking decent but it does show the vagaries of scale in 15mm with some of the minis being true 15mm while others are closer to 18mm or even 20mm! Still at a distance, they all look fine to me! 

I am also working my way through a batch of Imperial Guard to try and start squad building but am finding it rather slow going as painting lots of grey and brown isn't exactly an exciting way of spending my time so I'm limiting myself to doing two at a time and then working on something different to keep my interest from flagging.

Hopefully I will have some pictures soon of the start of a squad but in the meantime, I find myself in rather a head scratching moment. 

I have really enjoyed painting the 15mm scale Rogue Trader project and know I will game the scale but 28mm stuff keeps catching my eye. It's not a scale I can conceivably game in anymore as my gaming space is strictly limited to a 3'x3' board which is just fine for small skirmishes in 15mm scale but not really feasible in 28mm...

 Random Dark Age Gubbins

Sadly this knowledge hasn't  stopped me from perusing some of the lovely stuff available for Beyond the Gates of Antares and Dark Age to name but a few. I know I have no reason to buy any of the goodies on offer but I do find it tempting. Maybe I need to scratch the itch every so often an just get an interesting piece or two just for painting purposes but we shall see!

In the meantime, All the best!

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  1. Indeed! I do like a 4x4 for 28mm scale gaming just to give a little more space for manouver but I think I am going to dip my toe into a new gaming system (not decided which yet) and see how things go.

    I must admit that my favourite is Dark Age as the rules are solid and some of the figures coming out are cracking but getting hold of them in the UK is rather difficult as about the only folks stocking them seems to be Waylands Games and they dont do the full range...

    Still we shall see!