Monday, 5 October 2015

Capellan Confederation Raider Spotted

Good morning folks!

I'm about to head off to work after my first weekend off in what seems like ages but managed to grab a shot of a newly completed mech for my Battletech project!

Capellan Confederation Koshi 

As with my Davion forces, I went for a fairly generic colour scheme that I think turned out quite nicely and handily the mech is still articulated which is a nice extra. I know that the Koshi is a Clan mech but in my reimagined Battletech universe, it's not going to matter, especially as I have a second awaiting the Liao colours. 

I am trying to keep this project to a very tight budget so am using whatever miniatures I have and don't care too much about historical accuracy. Speaking of which, I still haven't settled on scale for the project but will see what I can bodge together using what I have and suspect I will be using 10mm to represent platoon level games and 15mm for smaller squad sized skirmishes. That way I will decrease my unpainted miniatures pile and allow myself to play larger games without needing a vast table!

In other news, my Davion force is continuing to get work done on its bases to represent a somewhat more lush jungle world to match their camo. The results are looking quite promising apart from having dropped the green Blackhawk and broken him into three pieces again! Fortunately repairs have been carried out and he's almost as good as new with a bit of putty to reinforce the feeble joints (which were pinned but still break!)

Hopefully pictures will follow but it's so gloomy this morning that the camera just wouldn't play ball and I only managed to get one shot of the Koshi that didn't blur. 

Controversially, I've made the decision to remove the Oldhammer badge from my blog and give the place a bit of a refresh too as I felt that I couldn't really claim to be a supporter of Oldhammer anymore as I've not posted anything even remotely GWish for ages. 

Hopefully I will get some more bits and bobs added over the next few days but in the meantime, All the best!

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