Friday, 2 October 2015

A Return to Farpoint


Well I've taken a month or so off posting anything up here and find myself drawn back to perusing some of my old blog posts with their mixture of partially successful projects and those that stalled and failed rather quickly and was struck by one that had real potential.

Back in 2013, not long before moving jobs and house, I began work on a 10/15mm scale Battletech project and got as far as painting up some clicky Mechwarrior stuff and stockpiling several more. Sadly at this point, as with so many projects, the dreaded real life intruded and I got offered a new job in a new town so everything got boxed up and forgotten about.

Skip forward to 2014 and I found the figures and even managed to get part of a squad of Davion infantry painted up before losing interest by a new ooh shiney moment and once again the project was shelved.

While sorting through my collection the other week, I found the Mechs sitting at the back of a shelf looking a bit sorry for themselves and decided to give them a bit of a spruce up. They were rather broken following transport from Edinburgh to Dundee and needed a little touching up and I reworked the bases a bit too and quite like how they look:

 Davion Mechs on patrol

I liked what I saw so much, I rummaged out my old Battletech books and had a peruse and was once again struck by how great the setting is and how awful the game itself is. I think I will be working through one or two more bits and bobs that I have lying around. At present I am not sure if I am going to go for a 10mm or 15mm scale infantry with them as I have a fair few of each.

Hopefully I will get one or two more gubbins finished over the remainder of the weekend!

All the best!

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