Monday, 3 November 2014

Sneak Peek! Dwarves


Just a quick update on the last day of my hols! I've managed to finish some test pieces for the Tale of Several Gamers Challenge and thought I'd give folks a sneak peek of progress thus far:

Bearded Ones!

They are all from Ral Partha Europes Demonworld range and are really beautiful little sculpts in a variety of armour and armed to the teeth. I've had them kicking around for quite a while and its nice to see them finally finished!

I've made the most of Ral Partha's free shipping Halloween offer to make a small order to round out the unit and will be having a peruse through the lead pile to see if I can find a few more to provide me with some more stunties!

All the best!


  1. Great little models and really nice painting as well to show them off with. Love the yellow-red colour scheme. They look full of beardy character :-)

  2. They look great. Over here (in the US) Ironwind metals carry the Ral Partha stuff. I think 15mm with some 28mm warbands sounds great.