Saturday, 8 November 2014

Post Apocalyptic Gaming Anyone?


Alas I've not had much chance to get any painting done over the last few days as I've been snowed under with my first week back at work but I have been thinking of trying something a bit different in the form of a bit of a post apocalyptic project!

Its not a genre I've really attempted before I must admit but its an interesting concept and I've seen some really striking and characterful forces and ideas on the wonders of the interwebs. With my usual flitting between projects and inability to paint up large forces, a post apocalyptic sort of setting could well be perfect!

Now on the one hand, there's the more usual post apocalyptic type setting as seen in Mad Max with road warriors and crazies battling it out over a desert landscape and entertainingly converted vehicles and satisfyingly 80s style mohawks.

Be it zombie plague, nuclear war or whatever, such a setting would be great fun and could well provide me with plenty of opportunities to really go to town with some unique warbands and their transports of delight, not to mention mutated gribblies caused by radioactive fallout or whatever to add a bit of interest to things.

On the other hand, theres a bit of a different direction that I've been pondering for some time with a more British sort of setting and involving a country not having been ravaged by anything as mundane as a nuclear attack or zombie outbreak but the return of magic to the land.

Imagine the Fae returning in all their terrible glory to reclaim their ancestral home. The cities have been devastated, the human inhabitants decimated and mighty forests springing up seemingly overnight?

I quite like the idea of trying out this option as its got some rather interesting forces but the downside being that theres probably not that many miniatures that would be suitable without a fair amount of conversion.

Maybe a simpler option would be for a combination of the two settings with the world being changed dramatically with humanity being vastly reduced in numbers and the wild retaking the world while the survivors fight it out over what remains. With a bit of work, it could be rather fun and would allow me to create some cracking warbands ranging from survivalists to muties, fae or whatever!

Hopefully I will get chance to add some more ponderings over the coming week as well as the next article in my revised Imperium series too...

All the best!

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  1. That is actually a pretty common take on a fantastical post apoc world. Especially in the 60's-80's, with series like Hawkmoon, Shannara, and movies like Wizards, or Krull which is a sci-fantasy setting where technology is so advanced it takes the place of magic.
    Of course the Hawkmoon and Shannara series takes place many years in some cases maybe even a millennium since the fall or longer.
    I know that in the Shannara series Dwarfs and Gnomes are descendants of people who survived the war by living underground. And the Elves just happened to come back from the deepest parts of the forests.
    Or you can go for a shadowrn style magic mix where some people started being borne as Elves, and dwarfs. Or just changed over a painful night into orc's and trolls.