Monday, 13 October 2014

A Tale of Several Gamers!


Well it looks like there's a few folks interested in taking part in a Tale of Gamers challenge!

Now comes the tricky part of sorting out a set of guidelines to get us started. In the original series in White Dwarf, the challenge was to budget £25 a month with the aim of collecting and painting a new army a bit at a time.

Points were awarded for getting stuff painted with 5 points for getting everything painted in a month, 3 for getting some done and zero if you don't manage to get anything done.

If memory serves, points were also awarded for playing games 5 for a win, 3 for a draw and zero for a loss but as we are probably all over the country (if not world) this is probably not going to be practical!

With the new challenge, how about combining it with a bit of a lead mountain reduction too with points being awarded for painting stuff from your unpainted collection instead?

Extra points can also be awarded for detailing background for your army too which would encourage folks to develop some really imaginative warbands and characters!

So with all that out of the way, how about this for an outline:

The Budget!

Challengers can spend a maximum of £25 a month on their chosen force however by spending their budget they lose points!

Spend nothing! Only use figures from your lead pile. Minimum 5 figures.
5 points
Spend half your budget:
3 points
Spend your entire budget:
0 points

The Painting!
Paint everything you have bought or culled from your stash:
5 points
Paint some of the figures:
2 points
Paint nothing:
0 points

The Background!
Post an article on your warband, be it background, character description or whatever on your blog
1 Point per article, maximum of five.


Play a game using the warband you are building
5 points per game.
Create a suitable piece of scenic madness themed for their warband:
1 point per piece (maximum 5)

How does that sound? It gives incentive to folks to collect and paint an army, cull their lead mountains, develop an interesting background for their force and blog about it and even play some games!

Time scale wise, how does 6 months sound? It should give folks time to develop a decent sized force and we can see how we get on from there!

All the best!


  1. This is sick! I wish someone challenged me like that =(

    Getting points for not wasting money, or in other words, using stuff you've already spent money on ? painting everything ? custom made thematic scenics and fluff ?

    Oh my, that would be gamers' haven ! T_T

    I miss everything you listed... so much.

    1. Hi!

      Feel free to join in the fun! Its a bit of a laid back sort of a challenge to be honest and I think its going to be November before we get stuck in!

      All the best!

  2. I'd like to jump in on this if possible. I've always wanted to paint up a beastmen army, just like Paul sawyer's in a tale of 4 gamers. I love the look of his black skinned baddies. I remember reading the articles in white dwarf and wondering what the hell the skaven player was thinking with his army composition, the forces of evil didn't stand a chance in the final battle, and they were completely blown out.

    1. Hi!

      The more the merrier! I will try and get another update put together with more info this evening!

      All the best!