Saturday, 9 November 2013

November Vor!


Well unpacking is still going well but I must admit I've been bitten by the Vor bug!

Having re-read the rulebook and force books that were produced before FASA closed its doors, I'm struck by what an interesting and unique setting the game had and what a shame it was that it never had the opportunity to really take off before the untimely demise of FASA.

Union versus Growler

I've already enthused about the game in previous posts but the basic premise is that Earth has been sucked into a pocket dimension known as the Vor. This dimension is inhabited by all manner of races who have suffered the same fate as Humanity and they all struggle to survive in the destructive maelstrom and attempt to carve out a home for themselves while attempting to escape.

The Maelstrom

While the background is brilliant and packed with all manner of interesting forces, each with their own motives and quirks, the rules could have done with some finessing but the long promised Vor 2.0 has not yet materialised. Likewise some of the original sculpts are starting to show their age but there is some good news however.

The basic rule system for Vor was re-worked and refined into No Limits, a really excellent and freely available set of rules that ironed out the kinks in the system and has a really exceptional custom force generation system to boot!


Much as I'd like to collect and paint up some 28mm scale forces for the game, I suspect that its going to be easier to use proxies and the nature of Vor actively encourages the use of whatever figures you like which is going to be fun!

I plan on using some 28mm stuff for some small scale skirmishes featuring an almost RPG lite sort of game and the idea is to start with a small North American Union scout team, handily represented by these chaps:

Union Scouts

The general idea is to design a loose sort of campaign with Union forces being sent out to explore nearby planets following the Earths arrival into the Maelstrom. 

As I get chance, I will expand the forces to feature some 15mm scale stuff as I want to get some slightly bigger games in!
I figure that as Oldhammer is getting so much love at the moment, it would be unfair of me to not give some other great games some much needed attention too and there will be ample opportunities to include my Orks, Eldar and whatever else I have kicking around and incorporate it all into my games which is very much in keeping with my Budgethammer pledge too!
In other news, I will be gearing up for some 15mm skirmishing with my Boar Company in the morning so there should be a battle report added over the course of the next day or so and I've not forgotten about my Four A miniatures project either so stay tuned for some fun stuff!

All the best!

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  1. I really loved VOR unfortunately my gaming group lost interest in it the moment FASA went down... Which was very unfortunate given that we all had at least two complete forces each! :-(