Wednesday, 6 November 2013

At Long Last!


Well after being offline for the last several weeks, I have finally got internet access in my nice new flat and unpacking continues apace!

Its been an interesting process as I have found loads of stuff I haven't seen in absolute ages including my Vor stuff which I am hoping to put to good use and even more excitingly my Leviathan 15mm scale sculpts which have languished in a box since the end of University in 2011!

The Boar Company Returns!

With a bit of time, I am hoping to add to their numbers, add a host of new characters and races and get back to enjoying sculpting and painting the little fellows as I really need to finish off some more opposition for the doughty Dwarven Boar Company to fight!

I must admit I still have a genuine soft spot for Leviathan which still has the best setting in any fantasy game I have yet found and has oodles of potential to develop but sadly the company which owns the rights for the game is content to just let it stagnate with no revamp or new releases in over a decade!

Maybe I will continue developing the setting for my own use but we shall have to see!

In more upbeat news, I am hoping to get my games room sorted out in the next couple of weeks which will provide me with the luxury of actually having somewhere to keep all my stuff, and possibly even get a game or two in!

Hopefully I should have some actual miniatures to post pictures of in the next post and an update or two on my Budgethammer pledge!

All the best!

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  1. Hi!

    Its been good to find them to be honest! As mentioned, I hope to add to the little fellows soon!

    All the best!