Monday, 18 April 2011

Axeblade Mountain Reference!


Well I am slowly working my way up to getting the Axebite Pass campaign underway! I have almost got the map finished (it just needs some mountain replacements as I killed the old ones) and some suitable forces and I will be ready to go!

The Endless Plains as seen from the Axeblade Mountains

I hope to flesh out the campaign before it gets underway but heres a quick bit of info on the background:


A full twenty five years have passed since the Elves sundered the last great seal unleashing the Fallen upon Aeroth. Now the Dwarves have unsealed the gates to their great holds and are venturing out to explore the changed lands in hope of carving out a life in this strange new world full of terror and wonder.

Unfortunately the Orcs have been busy during this time and now infest the region bordering the Axeblade mountains. A great council of the remaining holds has been convened and it has been decided that the Dwarves must regain their ancestral lands from the foul invaders.

Orcs and their Goblin slaves are not all that the Dwarves must face as rouge and debauched Elves with their Fallen minions encroach from the West, Human barbarian kingdoms lie to the North and even in their underground fastness dark forces are stirring.

Another View From the Axeblades

Initially I plan on starting small and limiting the forces to Dwarves and Orcs with the occasional monster thrown into the mix but hope to escalate matters with new forces ranging from Elves to Barbarians and even some Fallen!

I will be posting more information on the progress of the forces as and when I get chance but hope to get a game in tomorrow representing the Boar Companies scouting activities!

All the best!

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