Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Axeblade Mountain Reference: The Goblins


I thought I would start off the force lists with an overview of the Goblin forces that will be taking part in the campaign!

Goblin Horde Work In Progress

The miniatures themselves are Irregulars Lesser Goblins but I found them ideal to represent normal Goblins. Standing about 3-4mm tall they are surprisingly detailed and paint up nicely. Its a re occurring theme with Irregular that what can look like an uninspiring blob will often result in a really nice miniature once a bit of paint has been applied!

Goblin Units

Thus far I have got a couple of stands painted up, mainly when I am waiting for putty to dry so its a bit of a slow process.

In game terms each base will represent either five infantry or cavalry or a single monster. Characters are mounted on round bases to make them stand out.

The Force

The following list is a basic starter force consisting of a few small units that will allow me to play some games. I plan on expanding it greatly when I get chance as at present theres only one unit in the force capable of damaging hard targets such as warbeasts and engines.

There will also be a few lesser Goblin rabbles as they are such fun units and good for tying up units.


1 Level 2 Goblin Khadin, Hand Weapon, Shortbow, Shield, Medium Armour, Seeping Blade.
96 Points


10 Goblins, Hand Weapon, Shortbows, Shield, Standard.
235 points

10 Goblins, Hand Weapon, Shield, Light Armour, Standard.
215 points

10 Goblins, Hand Weapons, Shortbows, Shield.
235 points

5 Goblins, Hand Weapon, Shortbows, Shield. 115 points


1 Lesser Goblin Carnosaur Polearms. Shortbows, Standard.
122.5 points

Total: 1018.5

At present the Goblins are going to be fielded as part of a larger Orc force representing the horde of Orka Khan but they will also see action as one of the independent tribes that infest the Axeblades.

Handily the force will also be used to represent a Goblin Horde in Crucible so I will be able to play a game of that too!

All the best!

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