Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Project Fyreslayer Part 3


Well after a bit of pondering, I've finally finished a second Fyreslayer!

Angry Dwarf

I've speeded up the flesh tones but added some scarring, shading and some hints of hair on his forearms (I can't imagine Dwarves, even Slayers shaving their arms!) and I'm quite pleased with the results as he looks a bit grubbier and less orange. I also used a different metallic for the helmet and like the smoother finish when compared to his brethren.


I do like the athletic pose this little guy has as he's hurtling forward as fast as his stubby legs can carry him! I also converted the figure a tiny bit giving him a brace of throwing axes as well as a single battleaxe as the Vulcite Berzerkers do indeed come equipped with them.

Eat My Axe

Although the somewhat iffy photo doesn't really show it, I did give him grubby feet as berzerk raging and sometimes on fire Dwarves tend not to wipe their feet very often.

And then there were two

Here's the two I've done thus far and I quite like the way the little warband is starting to come together. Hopefully I'll get another one done over the course of this week which will mean I will pass the halfway stage of the initial batch!

Azyr Fireslayers

I need to come up with a lodge for them to belong to and am leaning towards the Band of the Blessed, led by none other than Brian the Bellicose, a winged Dwarf capable of destroying any foe with his mighty bellowing!

One thing I have noticed with the new Age of Sigmar miniatures is the size difference between them and older Citadel ranges. The Dwarves are mounted on 25mm bases and are pretty big, especially with their massive crests but I still think they are great fun and have been feverishly rummaging my bits box to add some NPCs to the mix, not to mention some allies and foes for the Band of Brian!

A Bloodbound warrior has a bad day...

Hopefully more stuff will follow soon so watch this space!

All the best!


  1. I can't help but notice the unusual piece of terrain in the background, looks like Easter eggs. What's it supposed to represent?

  2. It's supposed to represent a patch of spore fungus growths. I'm thinking of reworking it a bit though!