Thursday, 17 May 2018

Sigmar Skirmish?


I've been having a bit of a ponder about how best to restart my hobby mojo which, as previously mentioned, has been sadly lacking of late.

Whilst looking around for inspiration, I've found myself rather drawn to the re-imagined Warhammer setting, Age of Sigmar. I know that a lot of the traditional Fantasy Battle fans ignore, distain or despise it, but the setting is growing on me and some of the range is looking rather spiffy.

There's something rather appealing about the looseness of the setting and big, chunky characters with over the top armour which I can't help but feel could lend itself to a bit of hobby inspiration.

Now I have no intention of putting together a full scale army, but I do find myself wondering about the possibility of a small foray into skirmishing in the setting with small warbands pottering around the realms causing mayhem or searching for lost treasure or ancient artifacts from another age.

I can easily imagine small bands of Stormcast Eternals on a quest or rampaging Orruks out on a slave raid or any one of numerous different plot hooks, scenarios and shifty characters that could make for both a varied and interesting sort of mini project...

There's also plenty of opportunity for random encounters with a warband bumping into D6 Ghouls or being hired by a settlement to defend them from some nameless monstrosity!

Now I am not sure how such a project will pan out, but with the release of 2nd edition of Age of Sigmar next month, I may be tempted to pick up a box of bits and see what I can do. The downside to a purely skirmish project in Age of Sigmar is the box set with most units only being available in boxes of 5-10 of the same type but I will see if I can't work something out.

Any such project I set myself will need some sort of challenge or target to aim for and enough variety to keep me from the doldrums and I will need to spend a few days looking at the options to see where to start.

If nothing else, I am skirting about the edges of something hobby related and the coming weeks will hopefully see me shuffling forward in a somewhat sensible direction but in the meantime, All the best!


  1. You might want to look into the Shadespire line. Even if you don't get into the game itself (which I personally love, and has pretty much taken over our gaming time around here), the Models are available in smaller quantities, with more variety.

    AoS Skirmish has been tempting me as well, but I've been having trouble getting anyone else around here to give it a go.

    1. Hi!

      I've perused Shadespire with interest and suspect I'll try and pick up some of the figures in the future!

      I've actually made a bit of a start on my Age of Sigmar Skirmish project by purchasing five Fyreslayers on sprues on Ebay and with the addition of the Shadespire figures, I would have a decent sized enraged Dwarf warband!

      It's interesting that Age of Sigmar still doesn't seem to be gaining much traction with folks. I've spoken to quite a few people who've picked up 40k again but not so many for AoS. I suspect the new edition will grab folks interest as it sounds like GW have spent some time mapping out the regions and really putting the setting together which was a little vague till now!

      All the best!

    2. None of my usual group have ever been really into WHFB. We've all played it, but we're all 40K players at heart. I'm definitely interested in seeing how the 2nd Ed shakes it up, both in terms of rules fixes and filling in the setting more.

      Part of it for me, too, is that they haven't yet come out with a Faction that really grabs me. The Flesh-Eater Courts and Kharadron are the closest, but they're not quite hitting the mark. If we get some proper armoured Dwarves, a Clan Skryre Battletome, or a couple more units for the Flesh-Eaters, that'll probably pull me all the way in.

    3. It's an interesting time for Age of Sigmar as it feels like the last two years has seen GW put the basics in place, new rules and factions but missing the background that sets the scene.

      By the looks of things, 2nd edition is resolving the issue with tons of background to get ones teeth into and lots of new stuff coming out for existing forces.

      At present, each force feels a little fragmented and not quite all there but it's interesting that they are all very different and somewhat original. My plan on skirmish is to pretty much use whatever I want so fingers crossed more interesting goodies come out soon!

  2. I considered starting Shadespire as the model count is so low. Because I am a contrarian old git, I want to find some armoured WHFB empire figs to proxy the stormcast- I only need to paint 3 after all.
    Lordly men in armour with moustaches for days have a lot more character than golden spacemarines and theres some real conversion potential there.

    1. The old Empire stuff is great and I'm tempted to pick up a few bits and bobs from the range to represent the guard from Stormburg!

  3. :) Sounds like you're a lot like me. I've recently decided to pick up the ruleset as well, though I have zero interest in escalating it to even a Path of Glory. Instead I'm considering of limiting the renown growth.
    I must admit the setting has grown on me as well, the stories from Malign Portents were and are a big factor in this. The ruleset itself is simple enough to even play it with my sons and it gives me and excuse to start tinkering. Some houserules are probably going to be set into place (the renown Cap being the first).
    Best of luck with your project! Hopefully you can get the spark burning.