Friday, 21 July 2017

Sinister Science!


We're still slowly moving all our stuff over from one flat to another but I have managed to paint up a few more Ghoulani Enslaver miniatures for my collection, this time some scientist types:

Cogitation Helmet, Beaker and Probulator 

I've converted the Cogitation helmet a bit by bulking it up to ridiculous sizes for a more bulging brained alien effect. Game wise, he's going to be a battle esper whilst the others will be added to my existing warband!

Ghoulani Troops

I've really enjoyed painting up these little guys as it's been a good way to rid myself of stress, especially with the house move shenanigans!

Ghoulani Skimmer

I'm going to need to finish the rest of the little guys but I suspect we'll be in the new place before I get chance to paint any more. I'm also looking to scratch build an assortment of skimmers, mechs and other assorted bits and bobs but almost all my stuff is packed away and I doubt I'll have much chance to do more but we shall see what I can put together background wise!

Ghoulani Commander with Scientist Minions

I'm also thinking about putting together some hicks and livestock for my Ghoulani to menace but we shall have to see what I can rummage out from my bits box!

Ghoulani Warband

Hopefully my next post will be from our new place but in the meantime, All the best!


  1. Interesting little force. Hope the move went well.

  2. Thanks for the comments folks!

    We've got all our tat moved over and finally got internet connection again!

    Expect updates soon!