Sunday, 11 June 2017

Imperial Presence Increases on Farpoint


My Governor General's Imperial Guard unit has received some reinforcements in the form of a rounded out command squad and complete first squad as well as a Sentinel scout walker!

Imperial Guard Squad plus Sentinel Support on Maneuver, Freeport City 

The standard Imperial Guard squad operating on Farpoint is armed with Imperial Industries Combat Las-Guns and flak armour while the heavy weapons element is a Imperial Industries MK3 Grenade Launcher and a Regis XV heavy bolter.

The above photo was taken outside Professor Abullah's house in Freeport City, the capitol of Farpoint and a den of gamblers, thieves and smugglers as well as other ne'er do wells. As tensions have mounted, Governor General von Dorn has authorised armoured support in the form of Sentinel Armoured Scout Walkers.

Dorn Class Sentinel

Produced on the Imperial Fist homeworld of Inwit, the Dorn Class Sentinel is a highly mobile and well armed scout vehicle. Sporting advanced sensors and a powerful assault cannon, they have been a mainstay of Imperial regiments throughout the region for decades.

The Sentinel is scratch built by myself out of plastic, sculpey and assorted bits and bobs and I must admit that I am quite fond of the little guy, so much so that I am making a second one at the moment!

House troops of the Governor General

I'm slowly putting together a platoon of Imperial troops to mix it up with the assorted villains that inhabit the sector and despite the tedium of batch painting, am quite pleased with my progress thus far. Sadly I seem to have run out of miniatures to paint so may skip onto some baddies next or possibly paint a few more Ultramarines!

 The force thus far!

Game wise, I have the bare bones basics of an Imperial Guard force and need lots more troops and armour to really make it a workable force in 2nd edition or 8th edition but I hope to add to their numbers over the coming months.

Last but not least, Governor General Laars van Dorn has posed for a posed for his first official portrait since arriving on Farpoint:

  The Governor General of Farpoint, Laars van Dorn!

Hopefully I'll get some more bits and bobs done soonish but we're about to start packing to move house so expect rather intermittent posts in the short term!

All the best! 


  1. Very cool!

    Love the Sentinel.

    Are you going to scratch-bash a Governor General?

    1. Thanks!

      The leader of the Command Squad is the Governor General! I am thinking of sculpting my own range of Dramatis Personae though!

      All the best!

    2. Ah, I see him in one of the older posts. How did i miss that? Nice work!

  2. That sentinel is great, and instantly reminds me of the classic kitbash "Huckleberry" pattern (of which I have further modified version).

  3. Wow, lovely pieces. Yellow works splendidly on them. And I love the portrait of the Governor!!! :O

  4. REally love these guys mate! That yellow looks excellent

  5. Thanks for the comments!

    I've discovered that layering up over a black undercoat works well.

    Start with chestnut brown, then tanned flesh then yellow. A wash of thinned orange and then light yellow highlights works well!

    All the best!