Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Talos Imperial Lander


As promised, here's a post that's not all waffle but has some actual content!

The Talos is an Imperial Steadfast class lander capable of transporting an entire platoon into combat. Although a venerable design, it is not popular amongst the Imperial Guard regiments who are forced to travel in it as the combination of high G insertion, poor padding and only the main forward facing exit ramp combined with poor armour plating have given the vessel the dubious nickname of 'The Brick'.

 Imperial Lander XIV, Callsign Talos

Following my previous, rather more swanky lander for the Governor General, I felt that I needed to give his escort some transport too and remembered an old dropship I made back in my teens (sadly long binned) which saw quite a bit of use when I used to play skirmishes back in the day.

 The Brick in profile

Loosely based on the old Second World War era landing craft, the Talos is made of foamcore, thin cardboard and a few bits and bobs and while still rather blocky, I quite like it!

Although not the most high tech vessel, Steadfast class landers do sport powerful engines to help insert their cargo into the warzone as rapidly as possible. Governor General van Dorn has several such vessels at his disposal and hopes to make use of them to deliver large numbers of troops to where they are most needed.

The Steadfast sports a pair of rocket pods which it uses to clear the landing zone as it approaches. Sadly the accuracy of such weapons is limited but it does keep the enemies heads down, hopefully long enough to disgorge its troops before they get shot to bits.

The Talos on maneuvers

I've rather enjoyed making the Talos and suspect I will be adding a few more bits and bobs in the vehicle department in the not too distant future!

All the best!


  1. I like it: it doesn't look much more crude than the space wolf ship. I think a pair of stubby wings at the back might help with the blockiness, or perhaps a few downward-pointing thrusters. But it looks good right now. I wouldn't have known it was scratch-built.

  2. That's nice! It for sure catches the whole vibe of an era, I like it a lot!

  3. Thanks for the comments folks!

    I'm tempted to add a few more bits and bobs to the lander but it's pretty close to the old cardboard ship I built in my teens and I'm loath to change it too much as I am loving reliving my youth by building rather blocky stuff!

    All the best!