Thursday, 9 March 2017

40k Musings


Well I'm busily working away at sculpting a host of bits and bobs but I've been keeping a weather eye on some of the stuff that GW has been doing over the last couple of months as well as reading some Horus Heresy goodies too.

I must admit that GW's GrimDark approach of the last decade or so has left me utterly indifferent to all things 40k, especially as the required number of figures seems to almost double with each edition but almost in spite of myself, I am finding the goings on in the Imperium interesting.

Dakka Dakka et Blastem!

Better yet, they are kind of inspiring me to re-explore my reimagined Imperium and flesh out the setting a bit and possibly even paint some plastic tat!

Shocking I know but I'm finding the siren call of Space Marines rather tempting. Now I doubt that I am going to invest in anything resembling a massive army but I am pondering persevering with the new style Orks I have kicking around as well as keeping an eye out for some Marines to mix it up with!

I think I will use a small scale 500 point warband as a target and see how things go as that's not too big a challenge to aim for and will try to continue posting articles about how my version of the Imperium develops!

In the meantime apologies for the rambling and all the best!


  1. hell if shipping isn't to bad, I am trying to get rid of a few of my early 2000s Space Marines. shotally painted up as blood angles by my color blind dad. HAHA

  2. get yourself the Battle for Vedros range or the Build+Paint range then, both sets will help you build an Ork and a Space Marine force of at least 500pts.

  3. I have up official 40k at the 6th edition...but I still like Kill Team style small skirmish games.

  4. Looking forward to more Alternate Imperium stories!