Thursday, 9 February 2017

WAARGH! The Orks!


Well I've settled on the Orks as my target for a bit of classic 2nd edition 40k goodness.

I'm planning on going for the classic 2nd edition Ork look, all bright colours and back banners and will by taking my inspiration from some of the images I've culled from various White Dwarf and Codexes:

 The Mighty Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka and Makari, his faithful grot banner bearer

Sadly getting the bits and bobs for the classic range is getting a bit pricy so I will be using plastic proxies in the form of the newer GW plastic range. Yes it lacks some of the goofy charm of the older stuff but I plan on giving it a bash anyway!

I figure with a suitably bright paint job and little bit of conversion, not to mention the ubiquitous back banners, I should be onto a winner!

Sadly Ebay is proving to be pretty useless for getting hold of bargain basement priced plastic gubbins at the moment so I will be keeping my eye out and building a force a little at a time. The plan is to start with 100-150 points of Orks to form the core of my force and slowly build it up.

I plan on spending as little as possible to collect my force and if I can introduce one or two older sculpts, all the better but it will have to fit in with my meagre funds so we shall see what we can find!

I've settled on the Orks as they are one of the iconic forces from 40k and I have always liked their rather anarchic style and Ghazghkull is one of the most memorable characters from the game so I do want to represent a small warband and slowly build it up to a somewhat mighty WAARGH! 

It's been interesting to peruse some of these old pictures as the Grim Dark future of the 40th millennium looks surprisingly green and rather rich in vegetation so I figure I should probably go the whole hog and see if I can't replicate it somewhat in my own small way.

But where to start? I've already mentioned that I will try and build up the force 100-150 points at a time and I think I'll be starting with one of Ghazghull's underlings so I will be aiming to get a nob and a mob of Goff boyz to pillage, loot and generally shoot stuff up!

I'm actually away on my hols next week but whilst I'm out and about, I'll be heading into any gaming shops I can find to see if I can find some bargains to get my project up and running!

I must admit that I am quite excited to get a start on the project and hope to get some bits and bobs sorted out over the coming week or two and we shall see what I can put together...

In the meantime, All the best!


  1. Wow those pictures take me back!. Great stuff. Its not 40k without red spiked spherical cactus!. Good luck with the orcs, its odd to think they used to be fun!.

  2. Wow! Those amazing old photos have really got me interested! It almost makes me want to emulate you and do my own classic Ork Army.... if only I had the funds and the time! Curses to the real world!

    However I shall live the experience vicariously through your project, and I will be keeping a close eye to see how things develop!!!

  3. Love the terrain GW did back then. Looking forward to your Ork army! Cheers, Karl

  4. Yeah, heart-touching enterprise.
    I regret when I was starting the hobby adventure 40k was just totally out of reach where I live :(

  5. Ooh look forward to this, long time fan of 2nd Edition and working on a marine version of this era also :)

  6. Thanks for the comments folks!

    I'm just back from my hols and will be posting a bit of an update this afternoon!

  7. Orks were the funniest army out there in 1st and 2nd. I also liked the Gorkamorka stuff which was a bit more "realistically" proportioned. Thereafter however it went all grim dark and they eliminated the fun in Orks.

  8. If you want to recreate the old 2nd edition scenery, I whole Heartedly recommend you pick up a copy of 'how to make wargames terrain' 1996 release, it's got a section on proper old school ork buildings!

    1. This version