Monday, 15 February 2016

Fantasy Malarky


Well it's been a bit quiet here over the last couple of weeks, despite it being my holidays but I have actually been rather busy hobbywise.

I've managed to play out three games in the last week, details of which can be found HERE which includes a playtest of Leviathan or two and a skirmish using Song of Blades which I really enjoyed too.

I've also been able to finish off painting a miniature or two but they're all fantasy related so I am keeping them all over on SOMEWHERE ON THE BORDER, my fantasy blog which has now got some much needed content and it looks like there's going to be a campaign kicking off soon.

Marik Goldhelm and Minion

Sci-fi wise, I must admit that I've been rather distracted by all things fantasy and I've spent most of my holiday either working on stuff for Waterstones or scribbling rules down for revising Leviathan!

Still, I hope to be able to spend a few evenings working on some Epic gubbins too in the next few weeks and might even get a game or two in while I am at it so watch this space. I've been finding myself really enjoying spending some precious free time actually playing a game with some of the miniatures I've amassed over the last few years.

I suspect that there won't be too many updates over the next week or so but I will try and grab a moment or two to get some gaming in when I can!

All the best!

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