Thursday, 12 November 2015

Specialist Games You Say?!


Well I'm back from work and having survived the torrential rain and driving wind, I find the interwebs ablaze with apparently confirmed rumours that Specialist Games is being relaunched by Games Workshop.

While there seems to be rather a lot of skepticism floating around there, I quite like the idea of classics like Necromunda, Battlefleet Gothic and Epic making a comeback.

Epic Goodness!

Looking at the rather scarce information floating around, it does look like GW is concentrating initially on the more 40k elements of the specialist games range (with the exception of Bloodbowl) but how will the new games, if indeed there are, differ from the classic 90's and early 00's classics?

Well one would suspect that the quality of the miniatures, scenery and books will be far higher than of old with Forgeworld taking over design and production. One also suspects that this will result in prices going up rather a lot from the golden days of yore which will no doubt result in lots of frothing but is hardly surprising as GW looks like it's aiming at a boutique and specialist section of the market.

I have my suspicions that some of the games may well change beyond recognition from their predecessors. Just taking a brief glance over the style of the artwork and setting gives some indication that the games are going to be more gothic (possibly GRIMDARK) than before and I even suspect that GW may take the leap from 6mm to 10mm scale for Epic.

Before the wailing and gnashing of teeth begins, just take a look at the likes of Dropzone Commander and the quality of the sculpts they produce. Could GW do something similar? I have my suspicions that they can indeed, especially if it gives them the opportunity to go for some really impressively detailed vehicles and war engines.

Similarly, I foresee interesting changes and developments happening in their other games with rumours of Battlefleet Gothic being ported back to 30k and the Horus Heresy and instead of lots of releases, is it more likely that GW will go for everything in one box like their new game (whose name escapes me now!) and Dreadfleet is anything to go by. It would be nice to think of a more fleshed out range but I do have memories of rumours from a couple of years back with regards to something similar.

Needless to say it's far too early to get too excited or enraged about the whole business but it does sound like we are in for an interesting time in the hobby.

All the best!


  1. Yup, let's see what comes out of this in the end. But indeed I'd be interested in seeing what could they do with Epic and BFG... I foresee heavy impoverishment in my future, glubs...

  2. I'm ambivalent to be honest. We still play BFG, Necromunda and Mordheim and love all of them. In principle I'm all for some of my fav games getting some love after so long. I don't, however, hold even a shred of confidence that the current GW would do them justice or produce something I'd wish to buy or play.