Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Scale of Things to Come


I've been pondering on what I am going to be doing with my Leviathan project and while much of the action is going to be skirmish based, I have also got a hankering to play out some large scale battles.

Sadly I don't have the space to field large forces in either 28mm or even 15mm scale so I am planning on trying out a smaller scale instead!

The battles on Aeroth are unlike most fantasy ones as large warbeasts and engines of destruction are fielded by all the races so theres going to be lots of opportunity for me to play around with some putty to make large creatures too!

Similarly, the basing is an issue, I had originally thought of just giving them square or rectangular bases so I could rank up large forces with ease such as my old Lesser Goblins:

Goblin Rabble!

Looking at them, they look the part for a typical fantasy type of game but Leviathan isn't your typical fantasy game. With the addition of all manner of gigantic beasts and the style of play, I think I am going to try something a bit different and use the lipped round bases like I used for my 6mm scifi gubbins:

Based Differently!

While I've mentioned the fact that in 28mm scale, the old Leviathan resin designs are a bit cartoony, I think that making big and chunky sculpts in 6mm should make for an interesting looking force and although the bases aren't to everyones tastes, I really like the look and it will also allow me to use them to make lots of mini vignettes too!
Next up comes the question of what figures to use? My lesser Goblin Rabbles were all Irregular Miniatures and while the unpainted figures look a bit iffy, with a coat of paint they really shine. Saying that, the problem with many of their sculpts is that they are produced in a strip of five or so figures on a single multi base. This becomes a bit of a problem with the style of basing I plan on using as they aren't always very easy to cut apart.

One solution is to use Microworld or Baccus as they are all singly based figures but we shall see what we can come up with in the meantime. 

Initial forces are likely to be Orcs versus Dwarves with the possibility of some small allied factions as time allows. 

In other news, I've almost finished my first 28mm figure paintjob for my Orc warband and hope to add some pics in the coming days but in the meantime, I think I am going to crack out the sculpey and tools and see if I can't sculpt up some Orc Warbeasts!
All the best!

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