Thursday, 3 October 2013

Status Report!


Well I've still not moved yet which means no proper updates featuring painted figures, much to my chagrin!

Still I have managed to get a 15mm scout mech sculpted up!

Its a bit rough and ready but should do for a decent proxy of a Jenner for my 15mm scale Battletech project!

In other news, I have been struggling with combining all the settings and games that I like into one, joint setting in keeping with my Budgethammer pledge so have decided to split the project into separate components!

This blog is going to cover my Rogue Trader forces, including 15mm and 6mm scale footlings in a somewhat revised Warhammer universe. It will also cover my fantasy gubbins until I get chance to do something more permanent with it.

I have set up a KRYOMEK BLOG to cover all things Kryomek and Void (being that they have a lot of setting in common!) and when I get chance, I will be setting up a 15mm scale Battletech blog and even a VOR one!

The reason I have decided to do this is that it will help compartmentalise my meandering approach to my hobby and will allow folks interested in individual games to read about it without having to filter through lots of unrelated jabberings by yours truly!

I also think its important to give each of these often unloved games a permanent place online of their own instead of having to fight for space with other projects!

Sorry if its going to cause hassle for folks but I think its for the best! Hopefully once the move is FINALLY out of the way, I will get chance to actually do something more fun like actually painting and gaming!

All the best!

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