Wednesday, 4 May 2011

6mm Goblin Horde!


Alas I've had no time to get on with any sculpting or painting due to it being the run up to my final hand ins for university! I did manage to take some pictures of my 6mm goblin horde for Leviathan!

The Horde Thus Far

Close Up of the Infantry

I now have 750 points of Goblins for Leviathan but they are somewhat feeble in combat and will need some warbeasts and cavalry to beef them up a bit. I am using the chariot seen in the background as a Lesser Goblin Wartower at present but its the only unit capable of doing damage to hard class armour.

I think the goblins will be getting some new units to allow them to be a viable force in the game. This will probably come in the form of chariots, one or two warbeasts and some trolls. I will be having a go at sculpting the lot once I am done with uni work!

Each base currently represents 5 figures and will allow me to try out the game on a fairly large scale. I made up a force of Elves at 750 points and found that it consists of only four stands so it will make for an interesting game as the two forces rely on very different tactics. The Elves will need to weaken the Goblins with long range fire before their numerical superiority overwhelms them.

I just want to say that the Irregular Miniatures are really fantastic as the Lesser Goblins I am using are really nice sculpts with lots of character, no mean feat for figures standing under 5mm tall! Don't be put off by the pictures on their site or your initial response to seeing them in the flesh so to speak. Once they have some paint on them they really come to life!

All the best!

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