Sunday 9 July 2023

Heavy Gear Blitz Paper Terrain


As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been finding myself rather interested in giving Heavy Gear Blitz by Dream Pod 9 a bash and I've put together some of the free terrain that they include in the PDF version of the rules.

I printed out four pages which consisted of three sheets of military buildings and one sheet of shipping containers (I'd have printed more but ran out of card!).

I spent my day off yesterday cutting, scoring and gluing the bits and pieces together and am quire pleased with how they've turned out as I have enough stuff to create a decent sized outpost for my stompy robots to fight over. I also included two of my 6mm Germy warehouses that I had constructed a few years back in the setup as they scale quite well with the DP9 stuff.

I coloured the edges of the scored card with a brown marker which resulted in a pleasingly rusted and worn finish that looks a lot better than the original white edging and make the buildings look a bit more lived in and inkeeping with their environment. I also painted a blue window on the tower as I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do wit the white rectangles but it looks pretty decent with just a little bodging.

I think I'll need to add some sort of Comms array onto the top of the building as it looks like it could do with one but thats possibly a job for another day.

I listened to the Horror Babble Peter Van Melsen series on YOUTUBE which I highly recommend for a bit of Cthulhu themed adventure in the background and highly recommend taking a peek at their rather fantastic selection of classic tales of the gothic and outre as the hours flew past as I managed to repeatedly glue my fingers together whilst listening to Van Melsen's adventures. Their William Hope Hodgson and Algernon Blackwood stories are also awesome, not to mention the Cthulhu mythos cycles!

I wanted to see if the buildings scale with my other smaller scale projects so have taken some shots to see how they look:

The tiny Epic scale figures from my Ultramarine army don't quite fit in as the doorways are a bit big but on the tabletop, I suspect they'd look alright, particularly the cargo containers which look perfect.

Similarly, the 15mm scale Imperial retinue of my Governor General are possibly a wee bit big but I imagine the buildings being cargo containers or some such and they're ok and if they weren't on bases, they would look a bit closer to scale.

Finally, here they are next to my Heavy Gear miniatures and you get a better impression of the scale:

I'm really pleased with how the project turned out and the rather cartoony look of the buildings fits in really well with the anime aesthetic of Heavy Gear and the fact that they kind of scale with my other projects is a real boon.

The four sheets of A4 card gave me ten cargo containers, one large watchtower, a medical centre, and a goodly amount of smaller buildings that will furnish about 2'x2' as a reasonably dense settlement and provide excellent cover as well as interest for a board. 

The only downside was the shape of the buildings which required a bit more work to glue all the tabs together, resulting in a bit of cursing as I stuck my fingers a few times and one or two of them are a bit shoogly but being as they were free, I really can't complain!

My next objective will be to get some paper standees so I can play some games, but I do have some of the EM-4 miniatures mechs which may do as proxies with a coat of paint so I suspect my next step will be to paint up a couple of squads worth and try the game. If I enjoy it, I have the option to pick up some official miniatures, but if I don't, at least I've got some cool scenery and some painted mechs for other games!

I'm back at work following my hols so doubt I'll get chance to post as much in the coming weeks but I do want to try and keep the momentum going but we'll see how things go.

Until then, All the best!


  1. Where are these models from? I looked at a couple different modules but mine do not have them in there?

  2. Hi! They came with the latest edition pdf which is currently free to download through Wargame Vault. They're in the Military Series Buildings for the most part.