Monday 24 July 2023

Five Leagues from the Borderlands: Aeroth Style!


I've been having a hankering to delve back into fantasy gaming as I've concentrated almost entirely on the sci-fi side of things for a while now but my ongoing tinkering with solo RPGs has got me to thinking of dipping my toe back into a fantasy setting.

With this in mind, I looked through my collection and was rather surprised by the dearth of fantasy stuff in it. I've got a handful of odds and ends and enough of my own sculpts to play games like Brutalquest which only need two or three figures a side but I've really not got the time to spend sculpting lots of stuff so after a bit of head scratching I've put together some papercraft standees.

Unlike my previous attempts which were quick and easy fixes with artwork only on one side and no careful trimming, I researched some of the rather fantastic stuff that folks have done on the web and decided to try doing front and rear artwork as well as cutting them out and I do think its a huge improvement over the originals as they both make better visual representations on the board and don't stand out like the older stuff I've made.

Coupled with some heavy black outlining, I'm quite pleased with how they turned out and look forward to making some more, namely villains!

I must admit that I am getting close to capacity in my display cabinet for miniatures so suspect that this approach is going to be making more of an appearance over the coming months, especially as the hobby budget is still pretty much non existent. These guys will be able to be kept in a small box and stored safely ready for use.

I'd hummed and hahed about making some tiny troop style heroes but while the little guys are fine for mass battle or large skirmishes, I feel they were sorely lacking in the character I'd want for my warbands. Similarly I'd looked at 15mm scale but was surprised to see that the cost of the tiny guys is actually more than a similar number of plastic 28mm figures from ebay and as already mentioned, I don't have the spare cash for that!

These are my first attempts and I've tried making some of the poses a bit more dynamic and I'm really enjoying the experience of trying to push my drawing as well as looking at a more complete view of my adventurers.

I'm hoping to get my enemy figures sorted out asap so I can try working towards getting a game at some point in the next few weeks and I've decided to have a try of Five Leagues from the Borderlands by Modiphius as I've watched quite a few videos of it now and really like how the game builds a narrative of a small warband exploring an area and facing a variety of foes and it looks like quite a bit of fun too!

I'm still planning on using Brutalquest as its such a great wee system but I want to keep working on exploring my collection and feel this is a good opportunity to do so.

I'm not discarding 'proper' miniatures as my sci-fi collection has tons of stuff to use and play a myriad of games, factions and whatnot but I do rather enjoy being able to combine my love of drawing with my hobby!

Hopefully I'll have another update in the next few days showcasing some villains and if I get the process down right, I'll include some sheets of characters and villains for folks to download but until then, All the best!


  1. These are great. The archer reminds me of Rialta Snow from the "The Magnificent Sven" and "Terror of the Lichemaster" scenarios back in days of Warhammer 2nd Ed.
    Looking forward to seeing the bad guys.

    1. Many thanks!

      I've gone off on a tangent and drawn up some sci-fi types for my latest update but just need to finish three goblin types and I'll be able to get the baddies posted.

      I hadn't noticed the similarity until now but now I can't help but notice it so she's most definitely going to be called Rialta from now on!