Flintloque Gallery

Back in the mid 90's, I was an avid collector of Flintloque by Alternative Armies and spent many a happy hour painting the goodies I'd purchased from Macs Models on Edinburgh's Royal Mile.

Sadly I sold the lot off back when I went off to university in 2007 but over the last few months, I had a hankering to relive some of that enjoyment and picked up the old Deadloque boxed set on Ebay for a bargain.

I've managed to now paint my way through the entire boxed set, which is quite exciting as I don't think I've ever managed to paint everything from a box before!

Ferach Survivors

Undead Musketeers

Ferach vs Undead

 Grigori Dracsul the Vampire

 Stalinov the Lich

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